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Ms.​Adams shows an active piaffe on Lipizzan stallion under saddle (above) and in work in-hand with Mindy Knoll assisting (right).

​​​​Anita Adams is certified in the Mikolka System of Training

  • ​Improve the quality of the gaits by maximizing suppleness and flexibility within the horse's body

  • Format clearer thinking between horse and rider resulting in more direct communication between the two

  • ​Use work in-hand as a tool to mentally and physically prepare the horse for progress to more advanced levels

  • Consider the horse's wellbeing, asking only what is appropriate for the horse's mental and physical level of maturity and development

  • Challenge the rider to uphold a standard and consistency for each ride

  • Challenge the horse to work harder with less effort on the rider's part

  • See how this system of training can help you with your horse by contacting Ms. Adams at​​.

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