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​​​​​​​​Certificate presented to Ms. Adams by

Herr Mikolka in acknowledgemen​t of her dedication to his teachings as his first certified student

Anita Adams 

Anita Adams has devoted her career to principles of classical dressage as taught to her by Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. As her mentor, Herr Mikolka has stood steadfast by his principles of upholding the methods he was privileged to learn during his years at the school. His belief in these principles has been passed along to Ms. Adams and it has been her work to uphold these standards by which she was taught

Now, with almost twenty-five years of experience in this specific method of the Mikolka System, Ms. Adams has honed her teaching skills to properly convey the philosophy taught to her by her mentor. This method has shown that horses trained in this approach appear to become lighter and more active. Riders having studied this method become confident and knowledgable in getting the best performance out of their horses.  


She continues to facilitate the understanding of this method that has proven successful with all types and breeds of horses as well as riders of every age. It has served as a basis of success for those with competitive goals or those who simply wish to get the best work from their horse. 


If you would like to experience what this approach can do for you and your horses, contact Ms. Adams at​.


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