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I have had the great pleasure of riding with Anita Adams for the past several years. Anita teaches the classical school of training as taught to her by Karl Mikolka, her mentor and with whom she worked with on a daily basis for many years. This training system produces horses that are light, sensitive, supple, positively energetic and confident in their work. Riders, through proper use of the aids and respect for their horses, develop a true partnership.


Anita clearly loves teaching and passing this information on, thus keeping this proven system "alive". She is truly devoted to bettering horse and rider. Anita has unending patience, is enthusiastic and kind. Training with Anita inspires horse and rider to be better and under her expert instruction, we blossom.

Martine Baccellieri

Highland Stables

Beavercreek, OR

Margaret Gill

Highland Stables

Beavercreek, OR

I too was a student of Karl Mikolka but not for as long as Anita.  His teachings on Classical dressage made sense to me and have become part of my daily routine with every horse I am working with.

We are so fortunate here at Highland Stables to continue this method of training with Anita for myself, our instructors and dedicated students. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares enthusiastically and in great detail no matter the level of the horse or rider.

We never stop learning and since Anita has been here all of us, especially our horses, have benefitted and improved so much.

We look forward to the next clinic and many, many more. Thank you Anita.

Polly McGann

Chicago, IL

In dressage and horse training in general, Anita has an enviable depth of knowledge that she effectively shares with her students and their horses. Combine her commitment to classical dressage techniques, with her joyous personality, and you can’t help but have a very positive and educational experience when she works with you.

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